CPI Polytechnic ICT Club

Staff Leader : Mr Mishu Rana

B.Sc in EEE (CUB)

Asst. Manager (Rainbow Automation)


To promote research activities among students and faculty as well as to provide a robust platform for sharing and implementing innovative and creative ideas to facilitate exchange of information and interaction among the various research institutes and industries to develop skilled manpower in various engineering fields.


  • Provide an inclusive environment for the promotion of research and development activities.
  • The staff and students are expected to develop innovative projects, prepare the research proposals and apply for funding agencies.


To Promote Research and Research Projects including Multidisciplinary, Research Papers Publication/Presentation in referred journals. To establish links with different industries, R&D organizations, which provide funding for research Activities. To collaborate with institutions of higher learning in Bangladesh for Joint research projects To work towards the establishment of the Institution as an R&D center. To develop modules for staff development and to support to do Ph.D. Activities: To foster the development of multi-disciplinary research endeavors across the departments. Motivate all Faculties to pursue research in their respective areas of expertise. Conduct of skill development program for the benefit of staff members to acquire knowledge for quality paper presentation Encouraging the faculty members to submit proposals on thirst area to various funding agencies, and the quality and content pertaining to the focus area are verified and recommendations are given before the submission of the proposals to various agencies.


Students from 2nd to 3rd Semester are invited to join the club. Students may not be doing R&D as a Csec subject, however they must demonstrate keen interest in any area of R&D. The club will have a maximum of 30 students. Membership will open for new members as students enter 8th Semester and make their exit from the club.

Membership Fee:

Members are expected to contribute Tk.100 monthly. Contributions will provide supplies needed for effective running of the club. For example, a group focusing on building a miniature network may need to buy CAT5 cable and RJ45 plugs.

Meeting Day: Mention by Staff Leader.