CPI Polytechnic CNC Club

Staff Leader : Mr Mahadi Hasan

Head of the department (HASS TECH BD)

B.Sc in Mechatronics (WUB)


To enable CNC proficient students, for CNC lies at the core of every organization today. Our vision is also to be more than just observers of technological development. Rather, we must create technological catalysts in our own environment.


The club aims to improve the CNC skills of its members by nurturing their creative and programming skills, and sharpening their research and presentation skills. The club also aims to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in a Polytechnic environment

Goals and Objectives:

Economic growth & employment of a country mostly depend on hi-tech manufacturing capability of that country. To be a developed country there is no alternative of producing import substitute spare parts, die-mold & machinery. All over the world, manual machine tools are replacing with advanced CNC technology. Spare parts of Automobile, machinery & die mold of plastic industry are producing through using of this technology. CNC Milling & CNC lathe machine is an important machine tool which are using for multi purposes. In Bangladesh, some Hi-tech & small manufacturing industry are introducing these technologies in their facility which is growing day by day but there is a shortage of skilled manpower in this field. For creating skilled manpower in this sector PP & PDC of BCSIR has started a training program on CNC Milling & CNC lathe Machine and have a plan of starting training on another CNC machine as soon as possible.

Course Content:

The following functions will be taught practically both in CNC simulator & in CNC Milling & CNC lathe machine.

  • Introduction: Simulator Layout, Machine basic requirement and checkpoint, Power on & off, Emergency stop, Reset & power up.
  • Operating mode: Hand jog manual/auto function, MDI, List program, spindle rotation Cycle start & hold, data transfer between machine memory & USB device.
  • Tool & Work Set-up: Tool offset & work Co-ordinate offset measure, ATC function, and coolant on & Off.
  • Programming structure & execution: Programming sequence code & axes, execution of programs in single block/auto mode, override key function, function of a single block, optional stop, dry run, block delete etc.
  • Editing: Creating a new program by using insert, alter, delete & undo keys, creating block sequence number throughout the program, program copy and paste in between program, searching & replace function.
  • Graphic simulation: We can see the programmed tool path/graph without table & spindle movement prior to actual cutting.
  • VQC & Canned cycles explanation: Explanation of VQC templates in MDI mode & its application, facing, drilling, pocketing etc. will be shown. Important optional codes for quick & advance programming.
  • Help and calculator: Use of help function, calculator & other option in need.
  • Mold Cutting: Finally, practical demonstration of a mold cutting will be shown.

Students from 2nd to 3rd Semester are invited to join the club, however they must demonstrate keen interest in any area of CNC. The club will have a maximum of 30 students. Membership will open for new members as students enter 8th Semester and make their exit from the club.

Membership Fee:

Members are expected to contribute Tk.100 monthly. Contributions will provide supplies needed for effective running of the club. For example, a group focusing on building a miniature network may need to accessories.

Meeting Day

Mention by Staff Leader.