CPI Polytechnic Civil Soft Club

Staff Leader : Mr Mahbub Alam

Head of the department (CT)

B.Sc in CE (RUET)


To enable Civil Soft proficient students, for Civil Software lies at the core of every organization today. Our vision is also to be more than just observers of technological development. Rather, we must create technological catalysts in our own environment.


The club aims to improve the civil software skills of its members by nurturing their creative and planning skills, and sharpening their research and presentation skills. The club also aims to promote innovation among its members as they seek out technological solutions to problems that may arise in a polytechnic environment

Goals and Objectives

  • To help students develop an appreciation for the role of Civil engineer in today’s society.
  • To guide members in civil software ethics
  • To develop policies concerning the use of technology at Polytechnic.
  • To improve members design skills.
  • To provide a nice and interactive approach to Civil Software.
  • To improve members’ engineering software skills.
  • To raise awareness and promote the use of technology as a teaching/learning aid..
  • To improve members’ latest civil software skills
  • To help students develop as innovative beings who will see problems and create solutions.
  • To help other students become competent and confident users of civil soft through training sessions.


Students from 2nd to 3rd Semester civil department are invited to join the club, however they must demonstrate keen interest in any area of Civil soft. The club will have a maximum of 25 students. Membership will open for new members as students enter 8th Semester and make their exit from the club.


Membership Fee

Members are expected to contribute Tk.100 monthly. Contributions will provide supplies needed for effective running of the club. For example, a group focusing on building a miniature network may need to buy CAT5 cable and RJ45 plugs. Meeting Day : Mention by Staff Leader