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Principal's Massage

I welcome all of you to our website. The beautiful campus of Chandpur polytechnic institute on an extensive lush green setting has been dressed up to provide a unique abode for the scholars. The students find the necessary space and encouragement to attain excellence in each task with the feeling of self worth and pride. The Institute endeavours to impart the modem education to prepare the students for the fast changing present world, suffused with the scientific and technological advancement. Our goal is to prepare students for industry and society while recognising and developing their talents and abilities. Academic excellence with character and personality development is our ultimates object. The well chalked out academic and co-curricular programme enables the students to attain their full potential to develop sound work habits. The academic work is centred on highly personalized attention and supervision. Chandpur polytechnic Institute will be a second home for students. We believe in creativity, innov tion and development to the fullest. We give our students strong roots and stronger wings to conquer the world. On behalf of all staff and students, it gives me great pleasure

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1 Result of RAC 2nd Shift Details 2017-07-31
2 Result of RAC 1st Shift Details 2017-07-31
3 Result of Civil 2nd Shift Details 2017-07-31
4 Result o fCivil 1st Shift Details 2017-07-31
5 Result of Constraction(B) 2nd Shift Details 2017-07-31
6 Result of Constraction(B) 1st Shift Details 2017-07-31
7 Result of Constraction(A) 2nd Shift Details 2017-07-31
8 Result of Constraction(A) 1st Shift Details 2017-07-31
9 Result of Electronics 1st Shift Details 2017-07-31
10 Result of Computer 2Shift Details 2017-07-31
11 Result of Computer Details 2017-07-31
12 Vested in the civil division Details 2017-07-30
13 Job_Placement Infor of Student Details 2017-07-30
14 Admission Information Details 2017-07-29
15 Action for missing computer item in Sofware Lab Details 2017-05-16
16 Creative Cultural Program Details 2017-05-08
17 Working group Details 2017-05-08
18 Clean the campus clean Details 2017-05-08
19 Citizen Charter Details 2017-05-08
20 Focal Person Details 2017-05-08
21 Construction of accommodation Details 2017-05-08
22 Duty Of IT Cell Details 2017-04-30
23 Duty Of Information Cell Details 2017-04-30